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Cool Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Updated: Oct 5, 2020


The majority of pet snaps are of dogs – labs seem to be the most willing to have a sign hung on them – but I found this awesome cat shot too. Pets are just magical because they have no idea what’s going on.

Little Things Pregnancy Announcement

Look! Average sized shit then, BOOM, a little thing! I’m a sucker for these. I make that annoying squeaking noise when I see little socks. Sorry, it’s just a primal reaction.

New Fan Pregnancy Announcement

I love this idea even though it made me realize I don’t really have any major interests – I’d have to get a mini glass of wine and a mini tv showing Scandal.


There are so many amazing shots of sibling announcements. If they are old enough, it’s awesome because they feel included in the great news, but if they are really young, then they fall into the pet category of not knowing what the hell is going on which makes that much more hysterical.

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