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15 Natural Morning Sickness Remedies for the First Trimester and Beyond

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Nobody knows what causes morning sickness (or in some cases, all-frickin’-day sickness) and sadly there’s no one size fits all morning sickness remedy that works for everybody. Typically, this is when my grandmother would have chimed in to say “If men had this you know damn well they’d have it figured out by now.” True enough.

Either way, nearly three-quarters of pregnant women have morning sickness at some point and to some degree during their pregnancy. It is more common in first pregnancies, but can also happen in subsequent pregnancies. The most common treatment for morning sickness is “suck it up, Buttercup” which is always nice advice to give along with eating leafy greens and deep breathing, when it isn’t you that’s suffering from it. In my highly sophisticated research of trolling the web, here are the ones that didn’t sound too over-the-top or stupid.

Natural Morning Sickness Remedies:

Anything ginger.

It sounds like this is the go-to herb to quell the barfs. Anything from ginger ale, ginger snaps, candied ginger to boiling fresh ginger in water with a bit of honey to make tea. Sounds very hippyish which makes me think that last one might work. These ginger candies also got very high praise.


25 milligrams of vitamin B6 three times a day (a total of 75 milligrams per day) for three days is supposed to reduce nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy although they don’t know why. What’s that? You can’t make a billion dollars off vitamin B? Screw the studies then. Thanks, pharmaceutical companies.

Sour stuff.

When life hands you lemons in the form of morning sickness, make lemonade? For a fresh take on morning sickness remedies, lemons squeezed in water and lemonade popsicles seem to help some gals. These B-Natal Lozenges in Green Apple got a lot of votes from my readers, and Sour Patch Kids always get a thumbs up (from me anyway).

Don’t get hungry & eat often.

Eat all the time. Even keep something like crackers on your beside to nibble on before you get up in the morning. Have a snack every hour or two, keeping the servings small. I like this one. Gum chewing was up there on everyone’s list too. A few people recommended Pür gum if you’re trying to avoid aspartame and sugar.

Sniff stuff.

This Happy Mama Spray from Earth Mama got great reviews (it’s also supposed to help lift your mood after the baby is born). Sniffing lemons was recommended a few places too.

Take your prenatal vitamins with food to help them stay down.

Even a cracker will do the trick. Taking them before you go to bed also helped lessen the barfs because you are sleeping when the queasy normally hits.

Avoid fried, fatty foods.

Okay, they need to back the hell off with this one because they’re not even sure if it does anything which makes me think they’re just trying to get all preachy about what you should eat. That said, I’ve included it because it did come up a few times. Dumb.

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